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Akhun Mountain

Akhun Mountain, the area's largest, towers over the city of Sochi and gives the region a beautiful backdrop in any season. The mountain lies about 10 kilometres away from the central area of Sochi, making it easy to visit while on holiday in the Black Sea coastal resort town.

Find a great resort with easy access to all the natural wonder surrounding the city in the Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi. With just a short distance to Krasnaya Polyana as well, the hotel also appeals to skiing and winter sports enthusiasts.

Head to the top of the world at Akhun Mountain
Akhun Mountain has long dominated the skies surrounding Sochi, a Russia resort town along the Black Sea. However, it was not until 1935 that a modern road reached this imposing natural feature. Immediately following the completion of the paved road to Akhun Mountain, builders set about erecting an observation tower near its summit.

Today, the 30-metre (100-foot) observation tower atop Akhun Mountain makes it one of the city's best attended attractions. The vantage point atop the mountain lets visitors see far off into the distance of the Black Sea, plus more mountains in the Caucasus Range.

Guests of the Akhun Mountain will have their breath taken away by the views, but should always remember to take photos of the gorgeous views they encounter there.

Stay near to Akhun Mountain at the Radisson Resort and Congress Centre, Sochi
Following a climb to the top of Akhun Mountain and its observatory, visitors may want to refresh with a hot dinner and a warm bed to sleep in. The Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi, offers just this, with in-house restaurants and comfortable accommodation. Choose this hotel in Sochi for your holiday in the city.

Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi 
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